The Kreitzer Method uses theater-based techniques to help clients demonstrate the authority, presence and confidence needed to become inspiring leaders and extraordinary speakers in today’s competitive business environment.

Individual Training: “The Medium is the Message” Working one-on-one with Penny provides personalized coaching that unlocks and frees the natural resonance and vitality of each individual’s voice and authentic presence… Learn More

Team Training: Leadership training for groups combines the power of Penny’s individual coaching in High Impact Communication Skills with peer learning, providing an optimum environment for team building and personal growth… Learn More

Women’s Leadership: “Break the Glass Ceiling”   Leadership presence training is especially effective for women seeking new levels of confidence and success in their work and personal lives… Learn More

Presentation Through Story: Theatre is about story telling that communicates ideas about a wide range of human experience in the social, political, cultural, psychological and emotional realms. Actors learn their lines by establishing a dynamic of associative beats that ultimately support the progression of the story… Learn More