For Women Leaders

Break the Glass Ceiling“:   Leadership presence training is especially effective for women seeking new levels of confidence and success in their work and personal lives.  From a surprisingly early age we all settle into physical and mental patterns that block the natural freedom and resonance of our voices. It can have cultural and emotional origins, but in the end, the voice is diminished because of our mindset. For women, this can be one of the major keys in “breaking the glass ceiling” in the corporate, political and public arena. Finding your authentic leadership presence and voice is an empowering journey of self awareness.  It is a life-changing experience to cultivate a voice that communicates exactly what you want to convey.  While women are using key tools in negotiation and strategy, their voices are too often not in alignment with the strength of their intended message.   A grounded presence along with a free and resonant voice contribute a unique and crucial shift when added to the existing work of women in leadership.

You will learn proven techniques:

  • How to maximize your physical and vocal expressiveness through your body
  • how to open and hold space for presentations in small and larger settings
  • techniques for clarifying intention and projecting your voice and message
  • Exercises for building vocal resonance
  • Proven breathing techniques from the theater
  • How to increase your vocal range to provide tonality and nuance to your words
  • How to have your message heard in group meetings
  • Techniques for reducing nerves
  • Improved one-on-one communication and negotiation skills
  • how your grounded physical presence and voice will connect to your audience with more impact and influence.