The Art of Presentation Through Telling a Compelling Story

Theater is about story telling that communicates ideas about a wide range of human experience in the social, political, cultural, psychological and emotional realms.

With training in a five part process in structured “how to skills” from the world of the theater, every presentation becomes a story.  The Kreitzer Method teaches the process that actors use to learn their lines. The results are clarity, an ability to speak without referring to notes and a dynamic message that will have impact and be remembered.

Clients learn:

  • a five part process for creating a strong form to hold every kind of presentation, long or short that may be from the worlds of science, engineering, medical, corporate, academia, and purely data based.
  • how to construct and deliver succinct, relevant personal stories that will highlight the topic and create a strong connection with the audience.
  • how to find the language that supports a bolder approach to conveying a pitch with passion and relevance in the most succinct and compelling way.