“I’ve worked with Penny as a faculty member and a personal voice coach for several years.  Her technical process and physiology-based approach are unique and incredibly impactful.  I, and my students, have seen a dramatic change in my ability to communicate in a compelling, authentic and well-paced manner.”

Whitney Hishier, Assistant Dean, Center for Executive Education, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

“During my recent Haas reunion, I attended your seminar on Authentic Leadership Presence and Voice:  Connecting Power to Speaking.  Within the first five minutes, I understood the school’s wisdom in adding you as a professor to focus on these vital communication and leadership skills.

I not only learned but experienced first-hand the connection between voice and mindset and how leadership and authenticity are inextricably linked.  In little more than an hour, you enabled participants to experience how what they think is linked to how they breathe and ultimately, how their voices are projected with power.

You truly taught us how “to suit the action to the word, the word to the action”.

Thank you for a memorable experience and bravo to you and Haas for adding an essential leadership component to the curriculum.”

Douglas Draper, Director Sales Enablement & Leadership Development. Equinix

“Penny is a genius. She has been a big boost for my career – her coaching has taken my presentation skills to another level – and improved my voice and ‘presence’ – and my ability to ‘grab’ and inspire an audience. I have great content to deliver – which she has brought to life. Penny’s work is a must for any professional that wants to play at a higher level, inspire people and make sure their voice is heard. She is particularly helpful to anyone that must give a speech, presentation or conduct a workshop. Highly recommended.”

Bob Wright, Managing Director, Firebrick Consulting

The following client studied with Penny Kreitzer for 4 months for one hour a week.  Though his scientific expertise was impeccable, his presence was not being adequately felt.  He was promoted into his boss’s job during the time Penny was his voice and presence coach.

“Working relationship:

  • Penny is always professional courteous and respectful.
  • No time is wasted, her efforts are all focused on the overall objective.
  • She is easy to communicate with and flexible on scheduling

Value of voice coaching:

  • Voice-coaching with Penny was invaluable, I cannot say enough about her abilities.
  • Penny was able to help me understand how and why my voice was not resonating, projecting or even audible at times.
  • She taught the detailed connection between physiology and the science of sound and how the mind can put these together in a powerful way.
  • How to begin connecting sound to breath and leveraging the vibration of different  resonators in the body and also avoiding for example, the impact the tongue  has when  it gets in the way.
  • By coupling these concepts with specific exercises tailored to the issues of the individual Penny is able to take anyone, I think, to the next level in their ability to use their voice more effectively
  • The voice is never controlled but allowed and encouraged through these exercises to be set free to provide the appropriate tone and modulation to match the circumstance

More than just the voice:

  • This is not simply about voice but about presence, leadership, controlling the room and simply making a powerful impact without being imposing, loud or rude.
  • Penny teaches how to channel energy, body centering, personal confidence and poise, and methods or tools that can be used to maintain these in the workplace or anywhere.
  • This combination of freeing the voice and cultivating a leaders presence have been invaluable to me as a business professional and most importantly, after four months of working together, helped me attain executive status at my company.”

Senior Scientist, LifeCell

“Here’s the range of values I gained.

  • My opening’s to speeches/presentations are more powerful and direct
  • How I prepare for speeches and presentations has changed – work on opening more and less on details
  • My energy through presentation or meeting is better sustained, versus going up and down depending on my mood that day
  • I’m more thoughtful and intentional on the structure of stories I tell in presentations or in meetings
  • I communicate vision and strategic direction as a story which makes it more memorable and easy to solicit feedback
  • I have more confidence in general to get up in front of everyone for talk (I’m an introvert, I do lots of talks but its always a struggle to push myself out there)”

Karen Ramorino, Manager, Learning and Development at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“I have been meaning to tell you that my lectures and other appearances of late have been going so well and feel so good. I’ve been looking out into audiences and really projecting – the response is palpably different.   As someone who gives public lectures or live television appearances on a daily basis, I wanted to arrive at a spontaneous comfort zone in such moments, speaking fully and clearly without any physical or breathing stress. By analyzing videos and through tailored one-on-one coaching, Penny very quickly identified exactly how I could improve my posture, breathing, and even emotional connection to my words, together bringing about a great improvement in the quality of my communication. With her vast experience spanning the stage and media, Penny recognizes the situation intuitively and provides the most insightful personal guidance imaginable. For actors, lecturers, television personalities, and others, working with Penny can truly help you know yourself better!”

International correspondent who gives public lectures and regular TV appearances on foreign affairs

“It was a powerful experience on a lot of levels, and it left me with some important new habits that I hope will be with me for a long time. Presenting ideas and connecting with people is central to what I do professionally, but learning how to be present and have presence are so much more important than that. In a way we’re “on stage” all the time. Being aware of your voice, how it affects others and how to use it intentionally are keys to being happy and successful in everything you do.”

Molly Tapias, Senior Lead Consultant, Firebrick Consulting

“I took my team (50+) off site for team building and did my ‘motivational’ speeches with no microphone! I could not have done that a year ago.Thanks again for all of your help – I continue to work at it and marvel at the concepts you’ve taught me.”

Senior Scientist, LifeCell

“Penny’s work in the world of business is underpinned by her extensive experience as as a professional actor. She couples her unique talents as a performer and her gift for connecting with people on a deep level with her years of business consulting. This combination powerfully impacts a learning environment and creates an inspiring opportunity for individuals/groups to grow.”

Dr. Charlyn Belluzzo, Senior partner, E-Line Ventures (Penny coached me for my presentation at The World Economic Forum, Davos)

“Radically transformative! Penny’s vocal training/coaching is life-changing. With deceptive ease, Penny took me and my Executive Coach Institute colleagues from standing in a shallow breath and out-of-focus voice to a place of exceptional clarity, power and presence. I have never experienced coaching like Penny’s — imagine, never singing a note and in two weeks, having the capacity to sing a captivating solo in front of a room filled with people! While I had experienced some voice training before, Penny’s work revolutionized how I breathe, focus, and connect with audiences. If you want to radically change how you communicate (you’re the medium!), I highly recommend you engage Penny — be ready, you’ll dig deep and you won’t be the same!”

Jone Bosworth, President, Ready Impact Strategies

“THANK YOU !!!!!!  This is some feedback from my presentation last week.  It turned out to be great. I felt terrific and energized throughout the whole hour. (Penny, you were right about breathing).  I appreciate what you  have done to get me here. Thanks again!”

Georgia Arvantis, Scientist, LifeCell