For Groups

Team Leadership TrainingUnlock Your Team’s Potential

Teams and groups come together for an intensive training in The Kreitzer Method’s high impact communication skills.   The power of Penny’s individual skills coaching is combined with peer learning, providing an optimum environment for team building and personal growth.  By working with a set of cohorts, individual learning skills are strengthened through peer coaching, and teams naturally build better rapport and trust.  This becomes the perfect platform for building sustainability. Each participant is coached in three presentations in this highly active training that sets the stage for communicating vision and strategic thinking as a story.


This workshop provides a clear understanding of The Kreitzer Method’s “how to skills” that will radically shift your communication.  The skills are: presence, breathing, voice, focus, how to hold space, land very clear intentions, energize language, reduce nerves, being in the moment, thinking on your feet and projecting your voice in a space of any size.  These proven skills are empirical and logical.  You will also learn a specialized theater technique to connect intention/thoughts to breathing in a way that is always authentic.